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Kinds of Home Security Systems

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Home security systems come in several different shapes and sizes. Although they all have the same basic elements, how they are formatted and structured can vary greatly. How they function also varies just as much as people vary one from another, which means that one home security system will fit you better than the next man, whereas another might fit him better than it fits you. Considering all that goes into making security systems and alarm systems, it’s no wonder there’s so much diversity among them. Here are a few of the different kinds of home security systems that can be found:

Wired or Wireless Security Systems

“Wired or Wireless” has to do with how home security systems are hooked up and connected to you as the homeowner.

Wired – A wired system can be hooked up in one of two ways. On the one hand, it can be hooked up using the power lines you already have installed in your home. This is probably the cheapest option for home security because it means not installing new wiring and you can take advantage of systems you already have in place in your home. On the other hand, you can choose to install new Cat 5 wiring throughout your home and hook the home security equipment up to that. This is usually what people think of when referring to a wired security system. With either option, but especially the latter, DIY is NOT recommended; call a home security professional to install the system for you so as to make sure everything is hooked up correctly and that all devices are operating as they should.

Wireless – Wireless home security systems are easier to install because they do not need to be hooked up to wiring. Some home security products are truly wireless in that they require batteries only; however, their battery life is eaten up fairly quickly. Most wireless home security equipment still requires being plugged into an electrical outlet in order to power the device, but they are wirelessly connected to the system and to each other.

Monitored or Unmonitored Security Systems

“Monitored or Unmonitored” is about how home security systems are managed.

Monitored – A monitored home security system is one that is also connected to a home security company. Security companies receive regular signals and reports about the status of the home security systems that they monitor. In the event that something happens and someone attempts to break into a home, the monitored system will receive any alerts or alarms that the homeowner receives. Thus, both the homeowner and the monitoring service are prepared to handle the situation. The monitoring service will respond by telephoning the homeowner right away to see what happened, and if it is an emergency situation or if the homeowner is unreachable, the monitoring service will immediately contact the police department to investigate the situation. Family riding bicycles togetherUsing a monitoring service is highly recommended because there are multiple sources protecting the house, and one of those sources is a team of trained professionals who know how to handle the situation because they’ve dealt with it many times before. Also, if the homeowner isn’t at home when an emergency arises, the monitoring service is more available to deal with the problem.

Unmonitored – Unmonitored home security systems are left up to the homeowner to manage and run. Basically, when an unmonitored system is triggered by an intruder, the alarm system will activate, and it is the responsibility of the homeowner to contact the police and take care of the problem. Obviously this is the cheaper option, but it is less reliable because you may not be around to catch the alarm or the intruder.

With each of these home security systems, there are many options for the actual security devices and equipment. Even if you go with wireless and unmonitored and want to DIY install home security, you should still talk to a professional home security company about how to do so. Home security is meant to protect your home, and if it’s not put together correctly, then it won’t do its job. So contact a professional near you at 866-565-4305 to find out what more you can do for your home security.