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Security Sensors in Home Security Systems

Infrared motion sensor 466282673Security sensors play a pivotal role in home security systems. Sensors “sense” things and warn us when something bad has happened or is about to happen. They can protect us from intruders who would invade our homes when we’re sleeping or when we’re gone. They warn us about home disasters like flooding and fires that can completely destroy all that we own. These fantastic devices were created to keep an eye on things when we cannot – whether we’re gone, whether we’re in the other room, or whether we’re asleep and cannot hear what’s going on downstairs. Below is some information on the role that security sensors play in home security systems.

Warning Against Intruders

Intruders are the main reason why most of us get home security systems in the first place – because we want to stop them from gaining access to our homes. So when there’s the option to prevent access or warn us that someone has gained unauthorized access, we want to know about it. That is what many security sensors do: they sound an alarm or send an alert when an intruder has entered the home. For example, a garage door sensor or garage door alarm will warn you by sending an alert to your phone or other authorized device that someone has opened the garage door, or that you have left it open so that someone could enter freely. As another example, a window sensor can be placed on a window to warn you that someone has opened it – you just place two magnetized sensors on it, one on the window itself and the other on the frame, and when they are separated, a signal is sent. The same is found in door security sensors. Yet another example is a glass break sensor, which can actually detect the sensation and sound of glass breaking. Security sensors are a great protection against intruders.

Warning Against Disasters

Firefighters at burning fire flame on wooden house roof 178868697Disasters are the other main reason why we get home security systems. When you buy your home, you want to be prepared for emergencies, but you don’t really want to think about things like stove fires or electrical fires burning the place down. Nor do you want to think about floods destroying your carpets and drywall, or about carbon monoxide poisoning you and your family during the night. Security sensors can help you to be prepared without having to think about it – they do the thinking for you. A water sensor or water leak detector will warn you when there’s water where it shouldn’t be so you can fix the broken pipe before it becomes a flood. Fire detectors beep like mad when there’s smoke to be found in your house. Carbon monoxide detectors can warn you about the presence of the poisonous gas to save you from its dangerous effects. Security sensors do much for home security systems in warning you against disasters in the home.

The role that security sensors play in home security systems is indeed crucial. Consider adding some to your collection of home security products for your home.